Pinks& Blues – Leaders in Eastern Children’s Traditional Outfits.

Founded in 1997, Pinks & Blues has established itself as a premier destination for traditional Eastern children’s wear. Our journey began with a mission to address the scarcity of high-quality, traditional children’s clothing, which remains a challenge even today. At Pinks & Blues, we distinguish ourselves from the market by providing apparel that celebrates the innocence and charm of childhood, and we steer clear of the overly mature designs that are present everywhere.

We put a strong emphasis on attention to detail and select the finest fabrics to create elegant designs that are both timeless and contemporary. Our creativity is reflected in our exciting color palettes, superior-quality fabrics, intricate embroideries, and refined cuts. Each piece is designed to ensure children feel comfortable in what they wear.


Moreover, all of our design and production processes are conducted in-house to ensure the highest standards. This allows us to guarantee that every Pinks & Blues garment is free from color bleeds and workmanship defects. As one of the leading Kids Clothing Brands in Karachi, we offer an extensive size range, catering to infants, toddlers, and juniors for both boys and girls, from newborns to 14-year-olds, ensuring that every child can enjoy our exquisite designs.

In a market crowded with flashy and substandard options, Pinks & Blues stands out with a traditional clothing philosophy grounded in quality and style. Our collection of traditional clothing for kids and children’s traditional outfits embodies the cultural heritage and elegance that parents, aunts, and uncles seek when choosing attire for their young loved ones.

As one of the top Baby Clothes Brands in Pakistan, we invite you to browse our collection and experience the difference that dedication, craftsmanship, and tradition can make. Welcome to Pinks & Blues – we hope you like our selection and continue to shop with us! If you have questions or concerns, please head over to our Contact Us page immediately.


0-3 Months 3-6 Months, 6-9 Months, 9-12 Months, 12-18 Months, 18-24 Months.

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Chiffon Hyderabadi Style Kameez with Gharara - Pinks & Blues

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  • pinksnbluesapparel

    Suman Aly

    I must say buying clothes for my daughter on this Eid was the best choice I could make, amazing quality with so much detailed work.

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    Maryam Hashaam

    If you are looking for Desi Eid dresses for your little girls, you gotta go to @pinksnbluesofficial and get your hands on the cutest outfits of the year.

  • pinksnbluesapparel

    Abid Baloch

    Wanted to share with you, my niece looked doll in (this) dress. Beautiful creation thank you for awesome quality of cloth(e)s and detailed work for each dress we got from you, and indeed great customer service. Thank you once again.

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    Sarwat Khalid

    Nice kids clothes, quick service, payment & shipping overseas 👍

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    Suman Samad

    Highly recommended. Buying clothes from you guys was the best choice I could make.

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    Sana Kamal Iftikhar

    Satisfied from their services. Dress was so pretty. Would love to do shopping from here again n again. Thanks