Royal Blue Chiffon Kameez with Banarasi Pants

Introducing our captivating ‘Royal Blue Chiffon Kameez with Banarasi Pants’, hand-embroidered to perfection, complete with a matching dupatta. From our traditional children's clothing brand, this ensemble exudes regal charm and elegance, making your little girl feel like a princess.

The royal blue kameez steals the spotlight with its intricate hand embroidery, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship. Every stitch tells a story, adding a touch of exclusivity to the ensemble. The soft fabric ensures comfort and breathability, allowing your daughter to move with grace and confidence.

Accompanied by stunning banarasi pants, this ensemble brings a blend of tradition and contemporary fashion. The rich texture and beautiful patterns of the banarasi fabric create a mesmerizing effect, setting your daughter apart with undeniable style.

To complete the look, a matching royal blue dupatta adds a final touch of sophistication. The flowing fabric drapes elegantly, enhancing the overall charm of the ensemble. It can be styled in various ways, allowing for versatility and personalization.

Choose Pinks & Blues for exceptional quality, attention to detail, and outfits that celebrate tradition with a modern twist. Let your daughter shine with regal elegance in our ‘Royal Blue Chiffon Kameez with Banarasi Pants’, hand-embroidered to perfection, creating cherished memories with every wear.

3 Piece

Kameez Fabric- Chiffon

Dupatta Fabric- Chiffon

Banarasi Pants

Please note that sleeves are included which may be attached upon request at NO EXTRA COST. This will need to be specified at the time of placing your order. Refer to our Size Chart before selecting your required size.

Allow 4-10 days for delivery within Pakistan and 12-18 days for overseas orders.


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